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Needs improvement swim (Victorian man)

some of my drawings and models for Collaboration work

Reflective Statement ( Collaboration)

The term with the collaboration piece was hard at times. the start of the course went really well and we all pulled together  had our idea ready, knew what we wanted to do, we all spoke to one another. we had many ideas. my skills at this course is not to a high standard i picked the pieces that i thought that if need be i could at least do. but when it came to what i thought was a good enough standard i found out too late that it wasn't. i know that if i would have asked for help i would have received it. its bad on me that i didn't even though i should of. i need to work on my skill of asking not sitting back hoping someone would come and ask. if this course could start again i would have done things on my behalf a lot different. i have learnt from that not to shy away but be bold  and ask. hopefully this next part does go different. I need to break free from my little bubble that I have created a be out there, ask for help as i know i can. even if its a quick chat or i have a problem. this course should have gone different if i weren't to afraid to ask. i know now that if i have a problem ask for help.

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Film review B-movie ( Earth vs The Spider)

Fig 1, Earth vs the spider (1958)

The film tells the tale of a small-town arch-attack by a jumbo spider living inside a local cavern. The title is misleading as it’s a small local town who fights against the spider instead of the whole of earth.  the film starts with a couple walking home. the Girl Carol has something on her mind, while the boy Mike is trying to flirt with her  asking if they would both go back to her house. 
As her father has gone missing and never came back. After school, Mike and Carol go to their friend Joe to borrow his hot rod, and drive off in search of her father, out in the hills. They find what looks like a thick, sticky rope lying across the road, surrounded by broken pieces of glass. Carol then notices a wrecked pickup truck in the trees at the bottom of the hill, a truck much like her father’s.  They come across a cave in which they even though Carol is not particularly interested in going inside. However, when Mike suggests that her father might have gone inside for shelter from the cold last night, she follows him in.  Back home, a strange and amazing thing happens to Mike and Carol, the adults believe their story. They had the presence of mind to bring a piece of the giant spider’s silk home with them as proof, and it’s enough to convince Mr. Kingman that there may be something to their tale, and he in turn convinces the kids’ parents and the local Sheriff to round up a posse to check out the cave, the spider attacks the party! Not only that, they find the body of Carol’s father,  killed by a gigantic spider. this is a summery of what the story is about.
Fig 2 Cave scene (1958)

Its a B-movie because of how low budge it is. the effects are not to a good standard and it needs improvement. its funny for how bad it looks but probably in that time it was a good movie for its effects.  The giant spider is mostly visualized as a real arachnid macro-enlarged to appear massive. On a few occasions, a feeble live-action spider leg is used in close ups. as CGI was known in them days many of the films would use real life objects and animals and enlarge them to make them seem big in the film. misleading title, the film is another example of a poorly executed ‘giant-bug’ movie.  The spider is hardly pitted against the Earth, in fact, it is defeated by a high school science teacher…hardly a threat to the world as a whole. The special effects are awful, of course. Not to mention the spider itself has a strange characteristic of being enraged by rock-n-roll music. (Grisbeck, 2006)
some positive quality's of the film are the scenes are exciting and mildly creepy for such an antiquated production. It had a remake in 2001 with the same name and the noises of the spider are funny and amusing to listen too its so bad its good, as spiders don't say anything.
The size of the spider keeps changing throughout the movie. For instance, at one point the spider is small enough to be dragged into the school auditorium, later it is as big as the Kingman's' house. A minute later it is chasing Kingman, and is only slightly bigger than his car. (Sandys, 1996)
Its a terrible movie with terrible effects but that's  why it is good and fun to watch. its a laugh and that's what makes it a B-movie in the first place. maybe with a bigger budget it could have been a bit better but that takes away the fun in it.  Well, this movie was bad, but it could have been so much better. Bert certainly did his best to cut as many corners he could in the special effects department (as usual). At least he actually made a fake spider-leg in this film, which is more than I can say for "Beginning of the End". (Grisbeck, 2006)
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Fig 1, Earth vs the spider (1958) [poster] At:
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Film Review (The Shawshank Redemption) Adaptation

Fig 1, The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Its an American drama film based on the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The ability of the directors behalf of taking the book and making it a film was noteworthy. the book and the film all meet up to high expectations and both are great. Stephen King is a great story teller and with some of his films including this one they become a success in their own way. 
Fig 2 The Shawshank Redemption Book (1982)

Parts of the film and book have been changed as the book goes into more detail as the audience cant see what is being read but has to imagine what it is about. with the film parts can be left out or altered slightly as you have a visual of what the characters are doing and are saying.
King said his favourite adaptations of his work were The Shawshank Redemption, the story of the wrongfully imprisoned Andy Dufresne. (Flood, 2016). 
The director left out parts on purpose. but both the film and the novel are told from reds point of view. A part that is different in the book and the film is Brooks scenes. he is mentioned more in the story than the film as Brooks is only mentioned once in passing so the entire section with his time on the outside and his eventual suicide was made up for the film. Visually reading the book and watching the film many parts are similar and it still feels like the story is being told from one mans point of view which in this case is not the main character but red the main on the outside. 
 The film captured the source material to a high standard. telling the story of a wrongfully accused man spending his time in prison trying to escape to a high chance of success. even with the writer of the books approval of being one of his greatest adaption of work and reinterpreting it into a cult classic film. which sadly didn't do great in the box office as it received positive reviews on its release, particularly for its story and the performances of some of the actors, it was a box office disappointment, earning only $16 million during its initial theatrical run. But it is now one of the best classic films of its time. Once it hit VHS it became a hit with everyone. 

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Fig 1,  The Shawshank Redemption (1994) [cover] At: Shawshank_Redemption
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Review (Mrs Brown's Boys)

Fig 1, Mrs Brown's Boys (2017)

Mrs Brown's boys was a TV show on the BBC before it became a one off Christmas special in the last few years. This comedy is a sitcom as the audience reacts to the actors when they say a joke or in some cases say the wrong line. much of the comedy is Mrs brown in her home talking about a load of nonsense, telling jokes and making a foul out of herself and the people around her.
its a great comedy with a lot of potty humor and bad mouthing. Its a comedy centered around a loud mouth Irish matriarch whose favorite past time is meddling in the lives of her children and friends.
The comedy comes from the great mind of Brendan O'Carroll who plays Mrs Agnes Brown, a quirky, out spoken widow, who gets herself in these sticky situations.
There are many great scenes in this show and its hard to just pick one. many are relatable of the middle class family. its such a great sitcom that has many laughs. With her own catchphrases that when she says them they have different meanings, that if you watch it you will get it abit more. 
It doesnt shy away with telling the audience the truth. many of the gags for Agnes goes wrong and that brings humor with it and the way she talks to her family. the comedy sitcom also keeps some bloopers in to show the audience that not ever sitcom is perfect and this makes it all that much better.
It doesnt ask anything of the audience other than to watch and empathize as O'Carroll  torments and embarrasses his cast, which includes many of his immediate family members. ( Morgan, 2017)

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Fig 1 Mrs Browns Boys (2017)[picture] At: